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Freezanz plans, fulfils and installs the latest generation automatic mosquito misting systems, studied and tested to protect the outsides, and not only, against insects.

Thanks to several on-field tests and laboratory studies, with the collaboration of companies specialized in the field, we are able, through the installation of a Freezanz system, to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the insects in your garden, reducing to the minimum the usage of the product.

From the experience and professionalism of Freezanz a new, highly reliable and effective technology was born, which really will allow you to protect your garden from mosquitoes.

Freezanz mosquito misting systems are made in Italy.

Best mosquito misting systems
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Permanently rid your garden of mosquitoes! Download our catalog of garden mosquito repellent products (in PDF) or browse the website to find out more. Otherwise contact us now.


The system circumscribes the area to be protected through a perimeter net consisting of the pipe to which the misting nozzles are connected, creating an impenetrable barrier to insects and, at the same time, removing those already present

The modularity of the anti-mosquito misting systems allows to protect from mosquitoes even surfaces greater than 10,000 sqm.

We can also install our systems in public and busy areas by spreading just a few milliliters of product per day, for a maximum of one or two minutes, during the night or in any case at agreed times during which the affected area is not frequented.

Automatic mosquito misting systems with wifi technology

Mosquito misting systems - Connect (WiFi Technology)

Protect your garden from mosquitoes with maximum comfort thanks to the Connect line of mosquito systems with WiFi Technology.

Outdoor mosquito misting systems

Mosquito misting systems

A line of reliable and modular garden mosquito systems to meet all the needs: from the small garden to the large park (even over 10,000 sqm).

DIY Mosquito Misting System

Zhalt Evolution: a DIY Mosquito Misting System

Freezanz Zhalt Evolution is a real DIY automatic mosquito misting system, sold with an assembly kit, which will allow you to rid your garden from mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Thanks to specific products, some all natural, specially formulated for Freezanz systems, you will enjoy an effective and safe protection against mosquitoes.

Protect your garden from mosquitoes with a few simple steps.

An easy job for those who love DIY.

Portable Mosquito Repellent Misting System

Zhalt Portable: the portable Mosquito Repellent Misting System

Zhalt Portable is a very useful and versatile portable mosquito misting system. Battery powered, it can be recharged with the battery charger included. It is able to protect against mosquitoes and other annoying insects an area of about 150 sq m (1) with only 2 cycles of 3 minutes a day.

Semi-automatic planning (every day it automatically repeats the planned cycle). It can be remotely activated thanks the handy remote control included.

You can use Zhalt Portable wherever you want: in the garden, on the terrace, on the patio, near the pool and take it with you even when camping.

Are Misting System Safe?

People are at the center of our attention

Our systems are the result of Freezanz continuous research into the automatic misting systems field.

Products born from the experience gained through years of study, development and installation of misting systems, with hundreds of plants in operation throughout Italy, which has led to the birth of Zhalt Portable, the effective and easy to use portable misting system, ideal for small gardens up to 150 sqm and subsequently to Zhalt Evolution, a logical continuation of this project. A small, but powerful, misting plant, sold with its kits, able to support an effective and safe protection for gardens up to 1.500 sqm.

The innovative technology and the modularity at the base of our professional systems (Garden System and Park System) permits us to lead its protection even on areas wide more than 10.000 sqm.