Zhalt Portable: tips on usage

Zhalt Portable: tips on usage

Firstly remember that Zhalt Portable is a misting apparatus that releases in the air via 3 nozzles, microscopic drops of product from its tank.

We have listed frequently asked questions about Zhalt Portable and provide easy but useful suggestions to obtain the most out of it.

Q: What are the products used together with Zhalt Portable?
Q: How much product does Zhalt Portable consume?
Q: How to position Zhalt Portable?
Q: How to use Zhalt Portable?
Q: What should I do in the event of an invasion of mosquitoes?


Zhalt Portable has been tried and tested to be used exclusively with the product Tetrapiu Multipurpose and Naturiz.

The product Tetrapiu Multipurpose is sold "ready for use "" without the need to dilute it. You just have to tip it in the tank of Zhalt Portable.
Whereas the product naturiz is a "is a concentrated liquid" that needs to be diluted following our instructions for every 500ml (half a liter) = 7 liters of water. Meaning one liter bottle of product is enough for two recharges (zhalt's tank can hold up to 8 liters).



It consumes around 1 liter of product every 3 misting cycles.
Zhalt Portable uses 375ml of product for every cycle (3 minute misting cycle). It doesn't matter which product in the tank, the consummation is the same. The concentrated product 'Naturiz 1 liter bottle' once diluted will result in 15 liters is advised to be used in a 2 misting cycles (morning and night) and consumes around 750ml a day. So enough for 20 days. . The product Tetrapiu Multipurpose is advised a 1 misting cycle a day and consumes around 375ml a day meaning that a 1 liter bottle is enough for around 2 weeks.


After you have inserted the product and batteries you can position Zhalt Portable in the desired location to be treated (please see the 2 following pictures)

where to place Zhalt Portable in the garden

In case of strong winds position Zhalt in the same direction of the wind, as to not blow back on itself (*).

where to place Zhalt Portable in the garden

In case of winds in a combination of directions position Zhalt Portable in the centre on the area to be treated (*).

(*) If the mist droplets aren't going in the direction required, stop the cycle by pushing the stop button and try a different position.
In case of a complete absence of wind, we recommend that you position Zhalt Portable in a higher location so the mist covers a wider area.

We remind you that zhalts' mist is powerful enough to release the product in the air, but in the moment of no wind the mist droplets can remain nearer to the system, so please be careful not to place Zhalt Portable on any pavements made from terracotta or similar materials as it may leave marks.

Avoid to keep Zhalt Portable under the hot sun, or avoid using at the hottest hours of the day. This will preserve the plastic parts on Zhalt Portable and not overheat its electrical parts.


In the packaging of Zhalt Portable we provide a free bottle of product Tetrapiu Multipurpose in which you can immediately start using your system.

Tip the contents of the bottle into the tank following the instruction in the tips on usage.

Start the system (whether its Tetrapiu Multipurpose or Naturiz) in the morning or the evening avoiding the hottest hours of the day. Do not leave Zhalt Portable under the sun as it will increase the risk of problems, such as overheating

Remember, mosquitoes are usually active at sunrise and sunset.

The first use we advise to set Zhalt Portable on a 12 hour program (see tips paragraph 'Programming') also to do this around the hours of 19:00/19:30 which will repeat around 07:00/07:30. With only 3 treatments you will significantly see a reduction of mosquitoes.

After these first few cycles using Tetrapiu Multi-purpose the tank will be empty, refill its tank with the solution of water and Naturiz following the instruction in the tips and activate the program at around 1900 by pushing the PULSE button. The product will slowly be released (1 hour and a half) in the morning and the evening.

The combined action of using Tetrapiu Multipurpose and Naturiz together not only kills straight away and mosquitoes in the area, but also provides a bubble protection from further mosquitoes.

Once the product naturiz has finished, we recommend repeating this procedure of 3 cycles of Tetrapiu Multipurpose and one of Naturiz.

What should I do in the event of an invasion of mosquitoes?

In the event of an invasion of mosquitoes, found near areas of water, sewers, puddles ect.. it is advised to repeat the cycle of treatment more frequently (Average every 3-4 days)

In particular cases you may need to repeat the cycle a little differently (2 cycles of Tetrapiu Multipurpose (one morning one evening PROGRAM 12 HR repeated 2-3 days) (1).

In this case empty the remains of the product Naturiz found present in the tank following the instruction in the tips (closed container to avoid evaporation and keep in a cool dark place) and tip 1 liter of Tetrapiu Multipurpose into the tank. Programming a 3 cycle 12 hrs, for 3 days of treatment.

Finish the product and re-put back into the tank the remainder of your mixture Naturiz.


The given data is based upon the tests carried out by our technicians is a series of different trials in varied garden types, therefore being highly accurate. The best results of the product can differ from garden to garden depending on the individual situation. For this very reason we recommend trying the different products available to find one that best suits your needs.
For best results we advise you start using Zhalt Portable at the beginning of the summer period, when the number of mosquitoes in the area should be relatively low. This way with only a few treatments the insects should stay well clear of the area later on. Following this the program option 'Maintenance' with the product Naturiz will effectively keep the mosquitoes from returning.


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