Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

Freezanz takes you into a new era in the fight against mosquitoes with the Connect series of our Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems.

Welcome to your new garden without mosquitoes!

Smart, autonomous and reliable

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions with which our systems are built and to the various levels of function programming, Freezanz systems are able to operate in a completely autonomous and intelligent way.


  • Connect technology (Patented).
  • Online management portal #myFreezanz.
  • InstantMix technology (Patented).
  • IntelliCycle 2.0 technology (Patented).
  • iPipeClean technology.
  • Automated and independent management of 2/3/4 active ingredients.
  • Computerized dosages to the tenth of a ml.
  • We use products that respect people and the environment.


InstantMix technology (Patented)

To ensure that the sprayed mixture always contains the predetermined percentage of the product and avoid a decay in the breaks between on cycle and another, our systems mix water with the product to be dispensed only at the beginning of each nebulization cycle and, at the end of the cycle, they carry out a washing cycle of the entire plant (internal and external).

IntelliCycle 2.0 technology (Patented): activation of a cycle at the sunset

A patented device will calculate the solar hours based on the location and will start a nebulization cycle exactly when neede: at sunset!

Connect technology (Patented)

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection on the devices, our operators can proactively intervene on your system and monitor its status remotely, for a greater efficiency and effectiveness of the plant and your well-being in the garden.

Connect technology also allows to send instant notifications to ours technicians in case of a system failure, so as to be able to intervene promptly and without loss of time.

How we protect your garden from mosquitoes

  1. We install the central unit where there is an electrical outlet and a connection to the water supply.
  2. We position the piping and nozzles along the perimeter.
  3. We fill the tanks with the products, we program the machine customizing it based on the characteristics of your garden and we put the plant into operation
  4. DONE! Your garden is now protected from mosquitoes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems for garden and yard


Thanks to the daily repetition of the cycles the action of Freezanz doesn’t fear rge rain or the possible presence of an irrigation system. Finally, the effectiveness of a Freezanz system is not influenced by the sorrounding environment. You don’t have to worry if you neighbors don’t use it or if there are abandoned and uncultivated fields around you garden, the perimetral action of a Freezanz system is specifically designed to best protect YOUR garden.

A dedicated portal #myFreezanz

Now you can control your system remotely via the dedicated portal #myFreezanz. Do you have guests tonight? Are you leaving work and you would like to have dinner in the garden? Start a misting cycle from your smartphone to find your garden free from mosquitoes when you come home.

You can also monitor your system, observe its status and product level, find out about scheduled cycle times and, in case of bad weather, suspend the execution.


Already more than 1000 families and tourist, accommodation and commercial enterprises, have been entrusted to Freezanz and its network of professional installers to enjoy their own garden free from mosquitoes!

Freezanz offers an assistance and maintenance service that includes the supply of the necessary products for the operation of the plant for the season, periodic checks, opening and testing interventions and cleaning before the winter season and warranty replacement of the wearing parts and safety of always having the assistance of a trained technician.

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