Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Zhalt Evolution Connect Zhalt Evolution Connect is an innovative anti-mosquito nebulization system equipped with Wi-Fi management that can protect your garden from mosquitoes and other annoying insects with a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet.

Used with specific insecticidal products and with the products of our Natural line, a blend of 100% natural essential oils, it creates a pleasant aromatherapy bubble in the treated areas, at the same time keeping away mosquitoes.

Zhalt Evolution Connect provides an immediate result, protecting you from mosquitoes and other annoying insects in the garden, without causing damage to the environment and to those who live in it.

1, 2, 3... your automatic mosquito misting system is ready!

Creating your own automatic mosquito misting system with Zhalt Evolution Connect is really within everyone's reach!

It only takes a short time, some common tools and a minimum of do-it-yourself to create an effective perimeter barrier against mosquitoes in your garden.

The package includes everything you need: 100 meters of hose, 10 nozzles and the necessary fittings to allow quick and easy assembly.

By following the instructions in the manual, you can create a real automatic mosquito repellent system in your garden by yourself.

You just have to place Zhalt Evolution Connect inside, in a closed and sheltered room (garage, box, cellar, etc.) and connect it to a 220 volt socket and to a water tap (as you would with a common washing machine).

Then lay the piping along the perimeter of the area, fix it as best as possible to the surrounding wall or to the network, connect the nozzles and... you will be ready to use Zhalt!

Watch this short introductory video to see how simple it is to install Zhalt Evolution Connect in your garden.

You can, however, require a quote directly from us or one of our partners in the area for a proper installation.

Smartphone WebApp Included

Zhalt Evolution Connect is equipped with WebAPP a specific Web APP thanks to which you can interact live and/or program the Zhalt.

Mosquito repellent do it yourself with app nebulizer

Through the Web APP it is possible to manage your Zhalt Evolution Connect via smartphone or tablet, programming the different spraying cycles in simple or advanced mode according to your needs.

For example: with the Pulse mode, to be used with the products of the Natural and Naturiz line, you could establish the start and the end of the supply, the duration of the nebulization and the pause between one nebulization and the other.

In this way you can make the best use of the device to release your garden not only from mosquitoes, but also from flies, gadflies, sand flies, mice, pigeons, ants, etc..


Any device with wireless connection can connect to the system even if it doesn’t have a SIM card (for example, a tablet with Wi-Fi connection only).

The exchange between the machine and the device is protected with cryptography for a major security. Only you will enter at your system


Thanks to the WebApp it is possible to adjust the 5 volume levels of the cycle start alert ringtone.

You can also activate silent mode by setting the volume to 1 (mute).


Thanks to the Genius memory technology, Zhalt, once programmed, will keep the configuration even in case of interruption and/or disconnection from the electrical socket, returning fully operational when reset.


The device checks in real time that a sufficient flow of water arrives for the operation, otherwise the absence is notified and the device stops automatically.

With this upgrade is possible avoid that the pump is on without water rieducing the risk of malfunction.

Mosquito protection up to 1,500 sqm

Zhalt Evolution Connect supports up to 200 meters of piping and 40 nozzles that allow to protect an area of up to 1,500 sqm from mosquitoes.

Beyond Zhalt Evolution Connect you could buy a maximum of 3 “Expanding Kit” to get a complete extensibility of the system.

Watch these short video tutorials to find out how simple it is to install and get connected to Zhalt Evolution Connect.

How Zhalt Connect Product Webapp works

How to connect to your Zhalt Connect device

Kit antizanzare fai-da-te per giardino

Buy Expanding Kit for Zhalt Evolution!

Do you have a large garden (but not more than 1,500 sq m)? Increase the area protected by Zhalt Evolution Connect with Expanding Kit. Designed specifically for Zhalt Evolution systems, it contains everything you need to increase the protected area. Buy Now!

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