Misting systems against mosquitoes in garden

Misting systems against mosquitoes in garden, pool and patio from the freezanz line of products. Systems for gardens ranging from 200 to 8000 sqm efficient and sure. Free outdoor residential areas from mosquitoes with guaranteed efficient technology!

Misting systems against mosquitoes

The systems against mosquitoes with misting technology freezanz have researched and designed their product to meet the needs of people like you who want to appreciate and make the most of their outdoor space WITHOUT the problem of mosquitoes.

What’s more annoying than the presence of mosquitoes during a pleasant summer evening with your friends or family?

Or to have dinner in the restaurant garden and continuously swat flies or mosquitoes on your arms or legs?!

Product: freezanz misting systems
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After many trials, we have finally found the answer to resolving our mosquito problem. Thanks to freezanz we can eliminate annoying mosquitoes from summer evenings in our garden.

Mosquito misting system freezanz has been studied, developed and made in Italy. The experts of freezanz have discovered a new technology, highly reliable and efficient, that keeps away and reduces the presence of mosquitoes in the treated area.

The system consists of a central unit that you can position outdoors where you want, as long as there is a electic plug and access to the water line. Also a series of tubes, adapters and nozzles and that surround the treatment area.

Our technical experts have studied together with 'you' the best solution to your problem for your garden. Tubes and nozzles are hidden from view and don't restrict the normal use of your garden.

Mosquito misting system nozzles

Mist naturally!

naturiz, one of the products used in the mosquito misting system Freezanz ensures and efficient treatment for the entire day creating an aromatherapy bubble keeping insects away and giving you back your outdoor space.

A product scientifically resulting safe for humans, animals and for plant life and the properties of the formulated odor, (pleasant for people) is unwelcoming to mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects resulting in them staying away from the treated zone.

Is it ideal for me?

The mosquito misting system is able to easily protect gardens from 200sqm up to 8000-9000sqm.
Have a look at one of our outdoor misting systems (in italian only) or download our brochure (in english).

Whatever size your garden is, we have the solution!

The selection of systems that make up the freezanz line offer to protect from the smallest of gardens to the biggest green spaces. Our specialist will study and find the best option suited to meet you requirements.

Free yourself from the hassle of insects and return to enjoy your garden!

Do you have a hotel, restaurant, pizza shop, bar or business out in the open where your clients aren’t happy by the presence of mosquitoes?

It is time to install freezanz mosquito misting system!

Free yourself from the presence of mosquitoes and obtain maximum satisfaction from your customers and improve the reputation of your restaurant!

Don’t trust other products, trust freezanz!

Resolve mosquitoes problem

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