The company

'freezanz systems Srl' company based in Ponsacco in the province of Pisa (Italy) was born from an idea by Daniele Iacoponi, already manager of 'In Giardino Srl' company. In the space of a few years, Daniele understood the ever growing problem and demand for something to combat against the huge presence of mosquitoes in gardens, bars and restaurants and open spaces

After installing around 100 misting systems, he started to realize the set backs for these systems and went on to develop the idea of portable protection.

Easy to work, very little maintenance but with maximum protection againt mosquitoes and other insects, also safe for humans, animals and plants!

That is how the different systems of Freezanz were born.

Systems capable of misting alternating products to achieve maximum results. Completely automatic and programmable with cycles of mist based on the type of protection you require.

Also with improved natural products safe for humans and animals that create an unwelcoming zone for flying insects, keeping them away from the treated zone.

freezanz system Srls
VAT ID: IT02156390508

Legal office:
Address: Via Fossa Nuova 104
Zip: 56038, City: Ponsacco (Province of Pisa), Italy

Operative office/merchandise store/unloading of merchandise:
Address: Via Rospicciano 134
Zip: 56038, City: Ponsacco (Province of Pisa), Italy

Tel./Fax: 0039 0587 608424
Mobile: 0039 347 3132108