Extension kit: The kit you cannot be without
Accessory kit against mosquitoes

Increase the potential of Zhalt against mosquitoes with this practical kit that comes in a easy set-up box.

The range of accessories studies accordingly for use alongside Zhalt. With this kit you can use Zhalt to it’s full potential creating a small spray system for your garden or next to your tent whilst camping.

Setting it up is quick and easy, without the need for particular tools. For the first time use we recommend that you cut the cut precisely using a cutter. Once done the following usage is easy.

Watch this video to see the set-up steps of the Camping extension kit.

Garden Extension Kit

Garden Extension Kit

Garden extension kit has been thought of as to the shape and form of diverse gardens. The kit consists of 25 meters of tube, 6 nozzles and the fittings necessary to be able to install it to a fence/bush around the area of desired protection.

Garden extension kit is applied directly on to the nozzles of Zhalt (After you have taken off the 3 plugs present, and closed with the provided plugs in the kit). Increasing the full potential of protection.

Camping Extension Kit

Camping Extension Kit

Camping Extension Kit, thanks to its resistant copper hooks, you can take this wherever you want and can be installed without any support from a fence ect... It can be a great barrier againt mosquitoes whilst camping or used in your garden or other outdoor areas that are too far away for the zhalt to reach.

Camping extension kit contains 6 nozzles already found attached on copper stakes (50cm or 80cm long) 25 metres of tubing, and the fittings necessary to be able to install it around the protected area.

You can connect it to one of the nozzles of your zhalt to give a better protection of your area.


Look how easy it is to connect a Camping extension kit

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